Published 2016-06-15

Schibsted partners with Techfugees

Schibsted has announced a partnership with Techfugees, the social enterprise coordinating the tech industry’s plans to help refugees.

The Techfugees global network of volunteers creates non-profit conferences and hackathons, working predominantly with the business and tech sectors, in partnership with NGOs and government institutions. Techfugees is focused on improving life for refugees by developing technologies in five areas: infrastructure, education, identity, health and inclusion.

The strategic partnership with Schibsted, will help accelerate the deployment and development of technology for refugees, in camps, on the move, or in host communities.

Schibsted will promote international Techfugees activities across its media and marketplaces operations which have a total reach of 200 million people; host a specific Techfugees technology session at the Schibsted Global Summit Event; support the Techfugees local chapters and their event activities, and take an active role in the Global Techfugees Summit, which gathers the best tech projects from all local chapters.

Rian Liebenberg, Chief Technology Officer of Schibsted Media Group, says: “We feel both proud and humble to become a global strategic partner with Techfugees. Schibsted, as an international and modern media company, sees the Techfugees strategy and philosophy of developing technologies for a positive impact on refugee lives as clearly aligned with both our values and business objectives – social responsibility is at the core of who we are.”

Joséphine Goube, COO of Techfugees, comments: “It is great to have such an internationally minded and far-reaching company as Schibsted support and endorse the work that we are doing. With Schibsted backing the Techfugees network, we will be able to take our local chapters’ events & projects to the next level, bring more visibility and scale to local tech solutions, while changing the discussion from refugees being seen as a burden to refugees recognised as a resource for host countries.” 

Mike Butcher of Techfugees, and Editor-At-Large of tech news site TechCrunch, says: “There’s no better time for the tech community to come together to help governments figure out how technology can assist in the refugee relief effort, and we are very excited that forward-looking international organisations such as Schibsted agree and are getting on-board. Techfugees is helping to highlight the best solutions, matching solutions with beneficiaries, and involving contributors ranging from refugees in refugee camps in the Middle East, to Techfugees members in our 25 local chapters across the world, something we can do both better and faster with the backing of supporters such as Schibsted.”

For more information, please contact:

Louise Fuchs
Communications Manager Schibsted Products & Technology
M: +4790256948