Published 2015-06-11

Schibsted Talks: Meet Sylvia Dellantonio from Willhaben

CEO Sylvia Dellantonio in Willhaben in Austria shares with us the culture behind what it takes to be named a Great Place to Work for five consecutive years.

Schibsted Talks is a web TV program that allows you to meet and listen to some of the engaging people who work in Schibsted Media Group. In the fourth episode we meet Sylvia Dellantonio, CEO of Schibsted’s generalist classifieds site in Austria.

The classified site is used by 2.2 million users per month. The company has grown from just 40 to 150 employees in just a few years. In this process, it has been very important to Sylvia Dellantonio to keep and nurture the things she and her employees are the most proud about in their company culture:

“We have been Great Place to Work for five years in a row. Our growth and success is based on our great culture.”

“Working in Schibsted means that you are allowed to build up companies, and you can rely on getting support, you’re not on your own. You can also rely on sharing – you don’t have to invent everything yourself but learn from how others are doing things and learn from their experiences. “

“To encourage innovation you have to provide the time, resources and room to do so, in addition to a culture where you dare to do new things.”