Published 2015-03-05

Schibsted wants tech-women NOW!

We need to do our part to get more women into technology. This year alone we’re recruiting 100 new technologists. We hope to see many women apply for these positions.

Schibsted is now investing heavily in product and tech, recruiting world class expertise from Google and Twitter and the absolute best international tech communities.  

It’s time to call for action. It’s no secret that the technology industry is male dominated. Women account for less than a quarter of the engineers at most tech companies. It’s not any different in Schibsted and we need to do our part in bringing more women into tech, and more of tech’s women into the limelight.

“We know that monoculture is bad for business and that diversity drives more innovation, stronger solutions, gets better results and ensures a wider range of experience. Technology is set to provide a backbone of future creativity and business performance, and we strongly encourage more talented women to get onboard in shaping the future of making highly innovative, user-centric and disruptive businesses and products with global impact in Schibsted,” says Frode Eilertsen, EVP Digital and Group Chief Product Officer in Schibsted Media Group.

More women in tech now will encourage more girls to pursue their own interest in tech (and will therefore enable greater equality).

Join the movement, make yourself heard and spread #WomenInTechNow.

We’ve collected interviews with some of our awesome women (and great role models) in tech: Schibsted Women in Tech.

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We are looking for GREAT people who want to change the world through advanced technology, data analytics and digital innovation. We believe Schibsted is a dream come true for any data scientist, manager, software engineers, entrepreneur, journalist, or developer looking to change the world for the better. That’s why we want you to join us!

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