Published 2015-09-08

The winner of Schibsted Innovation Award 2015

Schibsted Products and Technology won this year’s Innovation Award for the Schibsted Media Platform.

For the fifth time, Schibsted is rewarding innovation across the group, handing out the Schibsted Innovation Award at the annual Schibsted Strategy Summit, which took place in Stockholm.

The final jury has been K1, Schibsted’s group management team, along with a nomination committee that has reviewed every case in detail to assure a fair evaluation.  Both the quality and the creativity of the projects are truly impressive, and choosing a winner has not been easy.

“For Schibsted, innovation is part of our DNA. It is one of our core values. Innovation has been – and will continue to be – important for us in order to succeed. This year there was a record-high number of nominations. 44 innovation projects were submitted, each one representing the importance of working with innovation in everything we do. I would like to thank everybody who submitted projects this year. We hope this award can inspire you to continue this important task as we keep moving ahead,” said CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

Schibsted Products and Technology: Schibsted Media Platform

Schibsted Media Platform enables Schibsted’s publishers to leap into a digital-only newsroom, where they can, with high speed and precision, innovate on and deliver personalized experiences for the consumers.

The jury’s statement:
This project has the user-first perspective. It is truly disruptive because it adapts the entire newsroom production instead of just tweaking bits and pieces. It is unique because it completely changes the way journalism is developed, releasing the true power of journalism. This innovation is highly scalable across all media companies, playing an important part in Schibsted’s new ecosystem. This award goes to many people throughout our organization. It is truly a joint project – it represents the “United Nations of Schibsted”.

“It’s a great honor to win this award, as I regard Schibsted as one of the most innovative companies in the world,” says Product Owner Ian Vännman in Schibsted Products and Technology.

Thorough review process

The jury has reviewed projects that have been launched in 2014 and 2015. They looked for innovations that represent a clear value for the end user, or B2B-customer, truly focusing on solving a customer need.

Also, we looked for innovation projects that represent something new or different – or provide a unique factor, for the company or the industry as a whole.

All innovations must have a business aspect that creates value. However, we are aware that some innovations aren’t profitable at the very beginning, and therefore the future potential is also important.

Then, at last, the jury has looked for projects that are scalable, or could be utilized across our companies’ network.

More about Schibsted Media Platform

Schibsted Media Platform (SMP) innovates the newsroom on two levels. In the short term SMP simplifies all the work in the entire publishing life cycle:

  • Discover news, trends and value in real time.
  • Create engaging stories for the consumer.
  • Curate content to reach the consumer in the right way at the right time and place.
  • Engage audience to maximize reach, impact and learning.

More importantly, in the long term, SMP drives massive change within the newsroom. By simplifying the publishing process, handovers are eliminated, lessening the need for heavy hierarchies. The result is a super efficient newsroom staffed with empowered and highly mandated individuals.

SMP is not only about delivering ‘next level’ newsroom tools, but also about building a true Internet platform for sustainable journalism and publishing. This goal will allow us to secure Schibsted’s publishing mission in the long term