Published 2014-01-16

The winners of Consumer Sales Awards 2014

The winners of the five categories in Schibsted Consumer Sales Awards come from Aftonbladet, Bergens Tidende, Fædrelandsvennen, SPiD and VG.

The annual Schibsted Consumer Sales Awards event took place for the first time in 2012. Tonight 160 colleagues from our Norwegian and Swedish media houses have gathered for the third time, this time in Oslo, for best practice sharing, networking and of course – the awards!

“A variety of great cases in five categories have been submitted from our media houses in Norway and Sweden, reflecting a ground-breaking year for the consumer sales departments in Schibsted´s media houses. We congratulate the winners,” says Ane Bang Imsgard, Event Manager in Schibsted Media Group.

The winners:

VG “Bunnpris” – Sales Performance of the Year

Driven by its ambition of establishing a long-term partnership, VG achieved a 14% increase in sales during the period for the Bunnpris campaign. In a category full of notable cases, this initiative stood out as a successful sales campaign that produced results through engagement in social media and seasonally based campaigns aimed at end users; a traditional sales campaign that was turned into something bigger by using digital platforms to reach younger readers and users!

Aftonbladet Pluss – Digital Performance

With more than 170,000 digital subscribers, Aftonbladet Pluss has shown impressive growth in 2013. This is the single-copy newspaper that has come furthest in converting its fans to digital platforms, and to mobile devices in particular. Its continued focus on converting and creating loyal customers has given Aftonbladet Pluss a very strong position in the market. A worthy winner of the new category of Digital Performance, though a digital veteran by Schibsted standards.

SPiD – Innovation of the Year

The jury was unanimous in naming SPiD winner of this year’s Innovation of the Year award. A common payment solution for all of Schibsted’s products has simplified the buying process and offered unique opportunities to analyze and use customer data. SPiD has enabled Schibsted to gain a strong position in the digital landscape. A true innovation that can be used and enjoyed by many!

Fædrelandsvennen – Improvement of the Year

As the first of Schibsted’s newspapers to introduce paid services, Fædrelandsvennen has focused on the customer through a structured approach to what creates loyalty. Testing and optimization have become everyday sales tasks, driven by close cooperation between the editorial and commercial teams. Through personal communication and clearly defined customer benefits, Fædrelandsvennen has succeeded in creating good customer relations and in producing strong results in 2013.

Individual Performance of the Year – Ahin Tahir, Bergens Tidende

Despite her young age, Ahin proved herself to be one of the best salespersons in BT Respons right from the word go. She is honest, professional, and an exceptional salesperson who always tries to find ways to resolve customers’ problems. A colleague who manages to show consideration for others and contribute positively to the work environment at the same time as she achieves excellent results. A great role model and an outstanding salesperson!