Published 2014-05-26

The winners of Schibsted Journalism Awards 2014

Bergens Tidende, VG and Stavanger Aftenblad are this year’s winners of Schibsted Journalism Awards.

The festive prize ceremony on 26 May concluded a full-day event in Oslo packed with highly relevant food-for-thought, insight and inspiration for journalists at Schibsted Media Group’s media houses.

Journalists and editors were present to honor exemplary journalism in text, photo, audio or live images produced in Schibsted Media Group’s media houses in Norway, Sweden and Spain. In each of the three categories “Best Storytelling”, “Best Innovative Entry” and “Best Scoop” the winners were honored with NOK 200,000.

“Schibsted’s long tradition as a media group is built on high-quality journalism. With Schibsted Journalism Awards we wish to honor great journalism and the journalists and editorial rooms behind it. It is also an event that provides the participants with the opportunity to be inspired by the work carried out in the other media houses in the Group. I congratulate both the winners and all the nominees on their great achievements,” said Rolv Erik Ryssdal, CEO in Schibsted Media Group.

Best Storytelling

Regional media house Bergens Tidende (BT) in Norway won the award for ‘Best Storytelling’ for the entry «Janne’s story».

Contributors: Ingrid Fredriksen, Ingunn Røren, Anne Hovden, Thomas Orten, Ronald Eliassen Hole and Rune Sævig. 

“Bergens Tidende tells the story of Janne – a woman in her forties with who had a tragic childhood. Now brain damaged, it is for the journalists to uncover what happened to her. Using letters, interviews, family pictures and official documents the journalists piece together Janne’s story.

Expertly written, the story is dramatic and impossible to read without being moved. The reader is propelled to find out what happened and slowly Janne’s dignity is restored.”

The finalists:

Aftonbladet: “One week with death”

Contributor: Carina Bergfeldt.

“Aftonbladet sent their reporter to death row, Texas, to meet an inmate facing execution. Published on several platforms – online, print, photos, TV and social media – the articles tell the story of one man’s death through seven different perspectives, over seven days.

Treating an emotive subject with sophistication, Carina Bergfeldt creates a compelling narrative that involves the reader and gives life to this story of death.”

Aftonbladet: “The murdered women – and the children left behind”.

Contributors: Kerstin Weigl, Kristina Edblom, Magnus Wennman, and Jerker Ivarsson.

“Aftonbladet gives voice to 179 Swedish children whose mothers were murdered in the last 15 years. Many of the murderers were the kids’ fathers, and the journalists show how society has failed to protect these children by giving the man that killed their mother the right to decide their fate.

The articles combine compelling storytelling with meticulous analysis of data, delivering a compelling and credible read. Aftonbladet creates a big, dark picture by painting small, touching portraits with shocking revelations and moving details.”

Best Innovative Entry

Verdens Gang in Norway won the award for “Best Innovative Entry” for the entry “The Chess Direct Studio”.

Contributors: Henrik Odiin, Vegard Stene, and Kenneth Lauveng.

“Verdens Gang’s digital coverage of the chess championship helped the audience understand a complex game and demonstrated the digital acumen that drives VG forward. Chess Direct was a live online event with video, comments, graphics and interactive features.

By decoding the language of chess into something understandable and intriguing, they managed to fulfil on of the journalistic missions: to make complex things intelligible. With a winning move of technology, great casting, playfulness and insightful analytics they created to a nationwide interest in chess.”

The Finalists:

Aftonbladet: “The Sportbladet Show”

Contributors: Tobias Wixtröm, Magnus Zaar, Johan Kingfors, Jessica Linnman, Pontus Carlgren, and Håkan Andreasson.

“Aftonbladet’s expansion into television is marked by the success of the Sport Show – which entertains and engages the sport crazy audience four days a week. The TV show is a part of a major investment in online video and mixes readers with high profile experts.

Utilising their proven skills in the reporting, in-depth knowledge and wit, Aftonbladet opens a new battleground for the future of media companies where mobile and video is in the driving seat.”

20 minutos: “The breedless dogs”

Contributors: Melisa Tuya and Carlos Gámez

“20 Minutos put the subject of homeless dogs on the national agenda. Creating a national “Day of the Breedless Dog” was the start of a journalistic effort both in print, online and as an event.

The newspaper and its website gave the problem a creative solution and with a digital tool they encouraged the audience to engage in finding new homes for stray dogs. By combining maps, interactivity and traditional journalism, 20 Minutos created public interest in an unexpected way that made the audience wag its tail.”

Best scoop

Regional media house Stavanger Aftenblad in Norway won the award for Best Scoop for the entry “Jonny’s chances and the tragedy of local government in Norway”.

Contributors: Thomas Ergo, Hans Petter Aass, and Rune Vandvik

“Stavanger Aftenblad revealed a heartbreaking story about how a man with learning difficulties was tortured to death in the course of two weeks. The scoop pieces together what happened and reveals how several municipalities failed to take care of vulnerable people such as Jonny. Stavanger Aftenblads’ shocking revelation became a big political issue and moves the readers with its distinct focus and detective work.

The reporters showed a commitment to investigative journalism that unearthed documents and managed to create an extensive puzzle that shows the cracks in our society.”

The finalists:

Svenska Dagbladet: “The price of Nuon”

Contributors: Jacob Bursell and Andreas Cervenka.

“Svenska Dagbladet revealed how a state-owned energy company ignored advice and overpaid when it bought its Dutch competitor. A classic scoop that relied upon excellent sources, the story had huge political consequences.

Demonstrating honed investigative skills, the reporters showed determination at getting to the route of the scandal, using new tools to reach and interact with their audience. The scoop revealed a lack of political responsibility and also showed that business journalism has the potential to become a story of national concern.”

E24: “Innovation Norway”

Contributors: Line Midtsjø, Marius Lorentzen, Eric Utheim, Sindre Gulseth, and Lasse Lunde.

“E24 revealed how a state-funded investment company invests billions of NOKs every year without having a proper overview of how the money is spent. This story shows how the grants are used for everything from logotypes for amusement parks to paying consultants millions of kroner for applying for new grants.

E24 shows the importance of methodical and tireless reporting. Refusing to be beaten, the journalists analyzed large amounts of information by using databases and readers’ knowledge. E24 revealed a story that was not meant to become public and created a scoop that had great impact.”