Published 2016-11-15

Tour the future with the Schibsted Future Report 2017

Explore Schibsted’s view on the trends within tech, business and our daily lives.

OSLO, NORWAY ­– November, 15, 2016 ­–

“AI has not just scored, but has already won the game.”

“Will driverless cars fuel a property crash?”

“Publishers have to redefine journalism.” 

What does tomorrow have in store? Dig into the Schibsted Future Report 2017 to find out more about all these and much more. Click here to read the report.

Exploring the trends we see in technology, business and people’s everyday lives, the Schibsted Future Report aims to illuminate what happens next. This year’s report features the ideas, research, and case studies from more than 25 of Schibsted’s own.

“Collaboration is a theme throughout our third annual Future Report,” says Lena K Samuelsson, EVP of Communications and CSR. “From workplace culture to the very core of our business and how we join forces to unleash the powers of technology and innovation to support journalism and people’s individual choice. Collaboration is also what we want to achieve with Future Report. We want to share our ideas and stories with the world around us, and spark exciting conversations.”

Did you know that 70 percent of Swedes have used their phone for paying for a product or service? In Spain the corresponding number is 44 percent, while in Italy 46 percent. But in France only 30 percent have used their phones to pay. Our report also includes a unique survey on digital habits in Europe.

In the report this year you’ll also read about:

The report consists of three sections: People, Technology and Business. These sections address what the future looks like to each. From native advertising to Blockchain. 3D printing to the death of Big Food. Virtual reality to the hard reality of where children sleep. Check out the Schibsted Future Report today, and join the conversation across social media with #futurereport.

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