Published 2014-05-08

VGTV to launch new news channel

VG will be coming to the big screen in Norwegian homes in November.

“This is both a giant step and a natural one for VGTV to take. We have already shown that we have a key role to play in TV news, especially in live coverage of breaking news. That’s why we’re now taking it a step further,” says Jo Christian Oterhals, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of VGTV.

The channel’s content will mainly consist of news and current affairs and will concentrate on live coverage of news events from Norway and abroad. It will put news at the centre and will not be programmed in the conventional way.

The channel will cooperate with Schibsted Media Group’s other Norwegian newspapers, who will provide it with content from their regional offices. Together with VG, the newspapers will provide broad coverage of Norway, with direct transmissions at its core.

“We want to change the form of TV. VG has operated on a digital-first strategy for years, and that’s something we now want to bring to the TV screens. Quite simply, we will be making TV for the TV screen but on web terms and in web form. At VG we can afford to be more cynical than many of our competitors in the choices and priorities we make because we have no set form, audience or bundle of TV channels to take into consideration,” says Torry Pedersen, Editor-in-Chief of VG.

Collaboration with Canal Digital

Initially, the channel will be available via Canal Digital.

“Canal Digital has given us the opportunity to produce and transmit content to viewers who prefer to consume TV via the traditional TV screen, but we’re both concerned with drawing younger audiences back to the TV screen. The channel’s form will be adapted with that in mind,” says Jo Christian Oterhals.

“Canal Digital has provided valuable input on what their customers expect from a new Norwegian news and current affairs channel. This cooperation offers us a large proportion of the TV audience right from day one. All this is making us eager to get started.”

From November the channel will be available to Canal Digital’s satellite and cable customers alike.

“We look forward to launching VG’s new Norwegian 24-hour TV channel. VGTV has led the way in developing web TV in Norway and stands out as an innovative and solid suppliers of news and current affairs programmes. The launch of VG’s TV channel takes this type of news reporting to a new level. The channel has ambitious plans, and we are proud to be the first to offer it. We believe this venture will prove to be a welcome supplement to our channel offering,” says Petter Carlsen, CEO of the satellite broadcasting company Canal Digital Norge.

Gisle Pedersen, CEO of Canal Digital kabel-TV, adds:

“VG’s news channel will strengthen our TV offering, due not least to its strong news and current affairs offering. Having the opportunity to broadcast VGTV’s content as a conventional TV channel makes it available for all our digital TV customers and will provide them with lots of exciting and new content that stands out from that offered by our competitors. The fact that we’re the first distributor of VG’s new venture also means that our customers are given access to something exclusive.”