Published 2014-05-08

Video from Nordic Media Festival

Rolv Erik Ryssdal speaks about disruption, innovation and growth at the Nordic Media Festival.

“Digitization has changed all of our core businesses, both within classifieds and the media houses. One way we have handled this is that we have been tough and daring cannibalizing our own business. Harvard professor Clayton Christensen wrote an article about how media companies can succeed in a digital world. His main message is: Be the disruptor, do not wait around until someone disrupts you. This is a strong tradition in Schibsted,” says Rolv Erik Ryssdal, CEO of Schibsted Media Group.

“So this is the status of Schibsted as of today: We are building world class digital media houses, and we will become a global leader in digital classifieds. We are impatient, optimistic and have no time to lose. I promise it will be an exciting journey!”

(The video is in Norwegian)

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