Published 2020-05-14

Winners of the Schibsted Journalism Awards 2020

These awards celebrate and showcase outstanding journalism – stories that serve society, articles that give a voice to the unheard, and writing that puts the spotlight on issues that would otherwise have remained in the shadows.

Each year we nominate the very finest work from our talented teams in three categories – Best Storytelling, Best Innovative Entry and Best Scoop. It is then up to an expert external jury to analyse, deliberate and (here’s the tough part) choose the most worthy winners. This was an excellent year for high-quality journalism, as you’ll see.

Schibsted Journalism Awards aim to highlight stories that have contributed to positive change in society. This helps us get a better understanding of what actually makes quality journalism, and how journalism can stay relevant – reaching new generations and creating impact across our increasingly complicated media landscapes,” says  Schibsted CEO Kristin Skogen Lund.

The Jury

An expert external jury was appointed to face the tough task of judging the 16 high-quality entries in this year’s awards. The jury members are: Olle Lidbom – Head of Jury, Kerstin Brunnberg, Pia Kristina Rehnquist, Lucas H. Weldeghebriel, Lars Kristiansen. (Read more about the jury here).

“Everything is different this year, but one thing remains.. the need for journalism is greater than ever. People reach out to find information and explanation and to have that trust is a great responsibility. The jury is delighted to find that the quality of journalism in Schibsted is intact. There was hope and trust in journalism before the corona and there is hope and trust for whatever comes after. Thank you for being part of the award and congratulations to the three outstanding winners.” says head of the Jury, Olle Lidbom. 

And the winners of Schibsted Journalism Awards 2020 are…

Best Storytelling 2020

Contributors:  Patrik Brenning and Andreas Bardell

Congratulations to Aftonbladet with “Sveriges førsta transsexuella elitspelare” 🥇

The Jury´s grounds for their decision: What is it like to change gender and still aspire to be a top performer among his new peers? Aftonbladet’s story of a young woman changing sex and tackle all emotions, obstacles and prejudices is a surprising and deeply touching portrait. The story tells about the sports world as well as the inner life of the young athlete. Despite the complexity this story is moving and captivating. Sometimes the simple stories are the hardest to tell. The winner reveals an unknown world by the way the details are told, representing an unknown background and problems for many of us. The reader is swept away by this unusual but important slam dunk story!

Best Innovative Entry

Contributors: Liv Skotheim, Kjersti Mjør, Kjetil Gillesvik and Eirik Brekke

Congratulations to Bergens Tidende – “Historier om fattigdom” 🥇

The Jury´s grounds for their decision: The voices of the poor in a wealthy society are hard to hear, but also hard for a newspaper to find. Bergens Tidende took a firm and bold decision to use every mean possible to get their stories. Through a vast range of research methods and fieldwork they found them, listened to them, and empowered them to tell their stories. The discussion and emotions it created shows that the stories had great importance for the audience. The winner conducts an experiment by mixing untraditional and classical journalistic tools to create innovative journalism. By taking a step into the society in a new way the winner has given strength to unheard voices of great importance to the readers with stories that made a difference.

Best Scoop

Contributors: Nina Selbo Torset, Tine Dommerud, Kjersti Nipen, Jan Gunnar Furuly, Trond J. Strøm, Julie Sørensen Molvik and Per Byhring.

Congratulations to Aftenposten – “Sykehjemsvolden” 🥇

The Jury´s grounds for their decision: This scoop uncovers the widespread presence of violence amongst the elderly in Norwegian nursing homes. It is the result of hard systematic work, tediously obtaining and researching 128 000 documents and deep interviews with various sources. The story uncovers an untold story of great importance and had vast consequences for society. The rock-solid research and mix of dramatic details and structural storytelling give this scoop a big impact and strong repercussions. It shows an untold and shocking aspect of a part of society that concerns us all and sparked numerous actions from the government.