A cross-Nordic collaboration

In January 2023 Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces strengthened the cross-Nordic collaboration of our marketplaces through a new, verticalised operating model. The new organisation is cross-Nordic, spanning Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Internally we are now based on four key pillars: Recommerce, Mobility, Real Estate and Jobs, but our users still meet our well-known, local brands.

”There’s a saying that success is measured in the market. That’s true for us, says Christian Printzell Halvorsen, CEO of Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces. He says that the ultimate goal for our marketplaces is to increase our positive impact on users, customers, society, and the planet.

Our strong brands like Finn, Blocket, DBA and Tori all provide opportunities for buying and selling different things and they offer different services like finding jobs or a home. But selling a bike is a very different task from selling a house, and renting out an apartment is different from recruiting  top talents. At the same time, selling a bike or renting an apartment is quite similar from country to country.

In short, that is why we are now focusing on four key categories: Recommerce, Mobility, Real Estate and Jobs. However, everyone who uses these services will still meet our well-known, local brands. And we will do our very best to create the best experience for all of our users. Sharing the knowledge we have across our brands, understanding user needs and investing in innovations.

Sustainability at the core

Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces will also do good for society. Sustainability will continue to be a core part of our businesses – and we truly believe that we can make the sustainable alternative the obvious choice.
”We want to be a driving force for positive change in our society and for our planet today, tomorrow and in the future”, says Halvorsen.

We will achieve that by adapting our operating model, strengthening our cross-Nordic collaboration and increasing our efficiency, speed and ability to deliver exceptional value and innovative products and services to our users and customers.

And we have a great impact. Our marketplaces hold strong #1 positions and operate in digitally mature and highly attractive markets with 27 million inhabitants.

”We are currently on an exciting journey to increase our positive impact on society and the planet by more than ten times before 2035. I am very excited about the opportunities we have ahead of us, says, Christian Printzell Halvorsen.

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