Aftenposten acquires 50% of Dagens TV/Net 2 Interaktiv AS, Published 11/02/1998 00:00:00

Aftenposten`s board of directors and TV2`s board of directors have today approved the acquisition and sale, respectively of 50% of Net 2 Interaktiv AS. Net 2 is TV2`s text TV company and will in the future also be TV2`s vehicle for Internet initiatives. TV2 owns the remaining 50% of the company. Aftenposten and TV2 have also entered into an agreement whereby Aftenposten`s classified advertising will be distributed on text TV and TV2`s Internet site. Through this agreement Aftenposten will obtain nation-wide distribution of its classified advertising on the most frequently visited text TV market place. As a result, Aftenposten`s classified advertising will be distributed through the newspaper, Internet and text TV.

Oslo, 10. February 1998

Stein Yndestad
Investor Relations Officer