Board meetings in Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet, Published 18/02/2000 16:08:00

Aftonbladet Hierta has in their 1999 accounts 1999 made a provision of SEK 35 million due to early retirement packages and severance pay.

As a part of Svenska Dagbladet’s existing profitability initiatives, a new goal of reducing the costs by an additional SEK 50 million and increase the income by SEK 50 million was approved. The aim is that the improvement of the result of SEK 100 million shall have full effect in year 2002. Costs of appr. SEK 30 mill associated with the initiatives are charged to Schibsted’s accounts for 1999.

It was also decided to establish Svenska Dagbladet Venture AB. The company’s business idea is to invest in internet related activities.