Competition Authorities` review of the Internet activities of Schibsted and Telenor, Published 30/05/1997 00:00:00


Competition Authorities’ review of the Internet activities of Schibsted and Telenor

Schibsted today received a letter from the Competition Authorities, in which Schibsted is informed that the Competition Authorities, following a review of Schibsted ‘s and Telenor’s Internet activities, have concluded that they have found reason to intervene in the proposed co-operation according to §3-11 in the Competition Regulations.

Schibsted has received detailed documentation from the Competition Authorities’ review, and this material will be evaluated prior to meeting with the Competition Authorities for negotiations next week.

We emphasise that the Competition Authorities have not decided to intervene against the co-operation. Before deciding to intervene, the Competition Authorities are required, according to §3-11 in the Competition Regulations, to attempt to reach a negotiated solution with the involved parties.

Inquiries may be directed to Sverre Munck, Chief Financial Officer.

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