strengthens its position in real estate, Published 09/06/2000 16:08:00 AS (FINN) has reached an agreement with the real estate brokers Krogsveen, Eiendomsmegler 1, NOR Eiendom, OBOS and Nylander regarding an agreement to choose FINN as a preferred marketing channel on the internet. DnB Eiendom has also made a long term partnership agreement with FINN. The brokers will altoghether get a 15% share of FINN Eiendom. FINN Eiendom’s turnover is of around 1/3 of FINN’s total turnover.

FINN has today also bought Meglernett from The Norwegian Real Estate Brokers Association.

FINN’s ambition is to be leading within classified ads on the internet and is now strengthening its position with these real estate agreements.