Labour conflict at printing plant in Oslo, Published 18/01/2001 10:54:23

During this autumn a project has taken place to find initiatives to reduce use of overtime at Schibsted Trykk AS. The plan is to do this through reduction of the numbers of workers required to operate each printing press, but without lay-offs or changes in salary or labour agreements. After a break-down of the negotiations between the unions and management a conflict has arisen and this has lead to illegal labour actions. The consequence is that significant parts of Aftenposten’s circulation has not been printed and the production of VG has been delayed.

Last night only 60 000 copies of Aftenposten were printed and the loss may amount to some NOK 10 million. The conflict has lasted a week and the total economic loss for Schibsted so far is around NOK 25-30 million as a consequence of credits to advertisers and subscribers.

Oslo, 18th January 2001