Chief in Svenska Dagbladet

in, Published 10/01/2000 10:16:00

The Board of Svenska Dagbladets will today suggest two new editors-in-chief as successors to Mats Svegfors.

Hannu Olkinuora (49) is suggested as Editor-in-Chief and responsible publisher. Olkinuora has since 1995 been Editor-in-Chief for one of Finland’s leading newspapers, Ahmulehti. Before this he was Editor-in-Chief for the leading business newspaper, Kauppalehti where he also was correspondent in Stockholm.

Mats Johansson (48) is suggested as political Editor-in-Chief. Mats Johansson is columnist in Svenska Dagbladet as well as having board positions in various organisations.

The Editors-in-Chief are expected to commence their positions during the first quarter of year 2000.

The Board meeting is expected to end today by around 11 am.