PRESS RELEASE, Published 17/06/1997 00:00:00


The Norwegian Competition Authority today issued a press release regarding the Internet co-operation between Schibsted and Telenor. The press release states that the Competition Authority has decided not to intervene against the Internet co-operation between Telenor and Schibsted after Telenor and Schibsted have committed to adjustments to the co-operation which diminish the concerns of the Competition Authority.

The Competition Authority has assessed the effects of the agreement on competition and has concluded that competition in the Internet market will be significantly reduced. The assessment of the competition related aspects is based on the fact that Telenor Nextel as a result of the agreement controls 75% of the market for consumer Internet access and that Telenor at the same time is a co-owner of the market’s largest Internet content host, SOL. It is the Competition Authority’s view that this, among other things, could make entry into these markets more difficult.

The adjustments to the co-operation involve, among other things, that Nextel will be obligated to deliver software without SOL as the pre-installed start-up page. Furthermore, SOL will be obligated to offer all Internet users and access providers access to SOL on non-discriminatory terms.

Inquiries may be directed to:

Peter Pay, Telenor Plus AS, Phone: +47 66 84 61 70, mobil: +47 943 45 792
Birger Magnus, Schibsted ASA, telefon: +47 67 14 00 93, mobil: +47 900 30 093

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