RESULT AS PER SEPTEMBER 30, 1999, Published 11/11/1999 17:44:00

The Schibsted consolidated accounts for the period January 1 to September 30 were approved at the Schibsted Board Meeting, September 30, 1999.

The Group’s revenues as of the 3rd quarter were NOK 5,404 million (NOK 4,707 million), an increase of 15%. The net profit as of the 3rd quarter is characterised by a seasonally weak 3rd quarter while the cash flow from operations continues to be strong. The Group continues its ambitious initiatives in order to position Schibsted as a leading multimedia company in Scandinavia. The Group’s on-line newspapers, portals and e-commerce businesses maintain and strengthen their positions.

Operating profit was NOK 116 million (NOK 334 million). Net financial items were NOK –58 million

(NOK –12 million). The reduction is mainly due to share of associated companies. The pre-tax profit was NOK 58 million (NOK 322 million). Due to permanent differences, mainly related to goodwill amortisation and share of associated companies, the tax expense was NOK 46 million and the net profit was NOK 12 million (NOK 205 million).

Key figures for year-to-date 1999 and corresponding figures for 1998 are:

(NOK mill.) 30.9.99 30.9.98

Total revenues 5.404 4.707
Operating profit 116 334
Net financial items (58) (12)
Pre-tax profit 58 322
Net profit/loss 12 205

EPS (kr.) 0,30 3,02
CFPS (kr.) 6,49 7,78

Presentation of 3rd Quarter 1999 is available on the following link:

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