Application for development of digital terrestial television

SCH , Published 19/09/2002 10:29:46

The Board of Directors of TV 2 has accepted that the company Norges Televisjon AS will apply for concession for development of digital terrestial television in Norway.  Norges Televisjon AS is owned 50% by NRK and 50% by TV 2.  There are several assumptions that makes the basis of such an application from TV 2s perpective.  Possible concession negotiations with the government will clarify if there will be basis for a possible further engagement from NTV’s and its owners side.  There exists no financial garanties or other obligations from TV 2 or TV 2’s owners in connection with an application from NTV.  Schibsted owns 33,3% of TV 2.
Oslo, 19 September 2002
Trond Berger
Schibsted ASA