Operating profit in Switzerland

20 Min , Published 16/12/2002 09:22:31

20 Min Switzerland will in Q4 2002 show a growth in revenues of approx. 60-70% compared to last year. In November 20 Min Switzerland had an operating profit (10%) before taxes for the first time. The Internet operation also experiences solid revenue growth and will have a break-even result in Q4 2002. The development in readership is still positive and official surveys in 2003 will show high growth due to, among other things, new distribution agreements.
20 Min today has approx. 3 million readers and a circulation of 1.25 million copies daily.
For further information please contact Birger Magnus, tel: +47 23106600.
Oslo, Desember 16th, 2002
Elisabeth Blom Tindlund

Investor Relations Officer