Capital Markets Day

Schibsted ASA (SCH) , Published 28/03/2007 12:48:00

Schibsted will today host a Capital Markets Day where the group management and managers from subsidiaries will give an update on the operations of the group. The highlights of the presentations are:
Corporate development and strategy
  • Schibsted continues its media house strategy where the establishment of new online services through existing positions is a key element
  • The vision and strategy work from 2006 continues with the aim of making Schibsted the most attractive media company in Europe
  • Schibsted’s business development in Scandinavia will focus on increased presence in all media channels at all times during the day
  • Schibsted will mainly strengthen its international positions through developing media houses in key markets
  • Continued growth for established online classifieds through new verticals, deeper involvement in the value chain and new advertising products
  • New concepts like blogs, communities and web-TV give good opportunities for growth in traffic and ad revenues for Schibsted’s online newspapers
Financial status Q1 2007 (vs. Q1 2006)
  • Strong revenue growth for online activities like VG Nett, FINN, Blocket and International Classifieds (Trader)
  • Slower revenue development than expected for Aftonbladet Nya Medier
  • Higher traffic than Eniro for the directory service Hitta, a position that will support strong sales and increased market share within directories online in Sweden
  • Good growth in ad revenues and better circulation development than before for the paper edition of VG
  • Good growth in classified ad revenues for the paper edition of Aftenposten
  • Circulation decline of 3.6% as of February and ad revenues approx. on level with last year for the paper edition of Aftonbladet
  • Slower than expected ad sales and strong readership figures for the free newspaper Punkt SE
  • Continued good development for SvD both in ad revenues and circulation
  • Continued decline in print revenues for International Classifieds (Trader)
  • Good results for 20 Minutes in Spain, somewhat weaker start of the year for 20 Minutes in France
The complete presentation material is available at
Contact person:
CFO Trond Berger, tel. +47 91 68 66 95.
Oslo, 28 March 2007
Schibsted ASA