Disclosure of shareholding in Stavanger Aftenblad

Schibsted ASA (SCH) , Published 28/04/2008 11:54:16

Montrica Global Opportunities Master Fund has on the 28 April 2008 notified Schibsted that the fund are exercising their right to sell 1,446,209 shares of Stavanger Aftenblad ASA to Schibsted ASA, according to an agreement made 28 February 2007. The exercise price is NOK 250 per share. If settlement not occurs before Stavanger Aftenblad has made its dividend resolution, the exercise price will be adjusted with the dividend amount, which is proposed to NOK 7.68 per share.
After the transaction Schibsted ASA owns 6,905,034 shares of Stavanger Aftenblad. This is 94.33 % of the capital of the company. By-laws of Stavanger Aftenblad regulate voting power, and Schibsted has therefore not the according share of the votes. Schibsted has therefore not the right to compulsory acquisition of the remaining shares, in accordance with section 4-25 of the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act.
Oslo, 28 April 2008
Jo Christian Steigedal
IR Officer