Management calls options and Schibsted sells shares

Schibsted ASA (SCH) , Published 19/03/2007 09:23:57

In accordance with the option program for the top management, Aslak Ona has exercised 7,500 options. The options were granted in 2003 with a strike price of NOK 98.00 per share. As a consequence of adjustments in the option program, the options granted in 2003 may be exercised between 01.01.2006 and 31.12.2007. Associated with the option program there is an obligation to reinvest and to hold a minimum amount of Schibsted shares.
Schibsted ASA has as a consequence of the exercise, sold 7,500 shares from the stock of own shares at the above mentioned strike prices. After the transaction, Schibsted ASA holds 2,354,872 own shares.
Aslak Ona has sold 7,500 shares through the Oslo Stock Exchange at the price of NOK 260.05. Mr. Ona now holds 4,827 shares and 15,000 options.
The transactions took place on 16 March 2007.
Oslo, 19 March 2007