Media Norge to be established without Adresseavisen ASA

Schibsted ASA (SCH) , Published 15/12/2006 16:44:39

The Media Norge project, which implies a common ownership of the media houses Adresseavisen/Aftenposten/Bergens Tidende/Fædrelandsvennen and Stavanger Aftenblad, including the classified portal Finn, has had an extensive dialogue with The Norwegian Media Authority to clarify the potential creation of Media Norge in relation to the Norwegian media ownership legislation.
Statements made by The Norwegian Media Authority concerning the likely interpretation of the legislation and the potential for temporary solutions make it difficult to realise Media Norge with all five parties included. Consequently, the Chairmen of Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad og Fædrelandsvennen have decided to propose to their Boards of Directors to establish Media Norge without Adresseavisen. The long standing cooperation with Adresseavisen is, however, intended to continue.
Extraordinary General Meetings deciding on the potential creation of Media Norge will be held as planned on February 15th, 2007.
Contact person:
Executive Vice President Schibsted Norway Birger Magnus, telephone. 90030093
Oslo, December 15th, 2006
Schibsted ASA