New Group Management in Schibsted

Schibsted ASA (SCH) , Published 14/08/2009 07:00:00

Rolv Erik Ryssdal (46), the new CEO of Schibsted, takes up a more direct responsibility for key units of the Group as he now reorganizes the Group Management team. Mr. Ryssdal will take a more operational executive role as CEO, and the top managers of the largest Norwegian subsidiaries will be permanent participants at the Group Management meetings. Two executives step down and four new enter the new management team.
Rolv Erik Ryssdal takes the position as chairman of the board of directors of the newly established Media Norge group, which is the largest Schibsted subsidiary in Norway. He also takes the position as chairman of the board of directors of Schibsted Classified Media, the most important growth vehicle of Schibsted. At a later stage, Mr. Ryssdal will also take over as chairman of the board of directors of VG. Didrik Munch (53) and Torry Pedersen (51) will be permanent participants at the Group Management meetings of Schibsted, in addition to their present positions. Didrik Munch is the CEO of Media Norge, the company where the ownership of Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Fædrelandsvennen, Stavanger Aftenblad and Finn is gathered. Torry Pedersen is the CEO of VG.
The management resources related to the international operations of Schibsted are strengthened. Sverre Munck (55) continues as Executive Vice President for the international editorial operations and for classifieds in Spain. Terje Seljeseth (49), until now the CEO of Finn, will be the new CEO of Schibsted Classified Media and new member of the Group Management of Schibsted.
Executive Vice President and CFO Trond Berger (52) continues in his position. The same is the case for Executive Vice President with the responsibility for the Swedish operations, Gunnar Strömblad (58). Strömblad will in addition to the Swedish operations be the head of several general group initiatives: He will be leading the monitoring of Schibsted’s extensive profitability programme spanning over the geographical boarders. He will also have the overall responsibility for the Group’s comprehensive change programme “Continuous Improvement”, and he is leading a wide-ranging sales improvement programme across the Schibsted Group.
Cathrine Foss Stene (44) will be Senior Vice President HR and Corporate Communication. Until today, she is Senior Vice President HR. Foss Stene has the responsibility for the implementation of the Groups competence strategy. In addition, she will take up the responsibility in the Group management for internal and external information, with the exception of IR (Investor Relations).
Head of Legal Affairs Camilla Jarlsby (47) continues in her position, and will now be a part of the Group Management. Jarlsby takes care of the coordination and secretariat functions of the Group Management. She is also the secretary of the Group Board of Directors.
Executive Vice President Birger Magnus (54), who has had the responsibility for the Norwegian operations of Schibsted as well as strategy and corporate development, steps out of the Group Management. Magnus will continue as the chairman of the board of directors of VG until the end of 2009, and will for a period be working with special strategic tasks for the CEO. Birger Magnus will leave Schibsted during Q1 2010. He has been an Executive Vice President of Schibsted since 1996.
Executive Vice President Jan Erik Knarbakk (57), who has had the Group Management responsibility for Corporate Publishing Policies and commitments to editorial independence, set down in the Articles of Association, at his own wish steps out of the Group Management after nearly 14 years. Knarbakk will continue in Schibsted ASA as Senior Vice President and advisor to the CEO in publishing and media related political affairs. He will also carry on as CEO and chairman of the board of directors of Schibsted Forlag.
Contact person: CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.
He is available to the press as of the presentation of the Q2 2009 financial results of Schibsted at Apotekergaten 10, Oslo, at 09.00 CET.
Oslo, August 14 2009