Preliminary Annual Result per 31.12.2005

Schibsted ASA (SCH) , Published 09/02/2006 16:31:19

At the Board meeting today, the Board of Directors of Schibsted ASA approved the consolidated preliminary Annual Statement for 2005. Enclosed please find Preliminary Annual Statement 2005.
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  • The Group reported an operating profit (EBITA) of NOK 243 million (301 million) for Q4. This produces an operating margin of 9% (11%).
  • Increased investments in new operations debited the profit and loss account by approx. NOK 65 million in Q4.
  • Increased revenues for the media houses Aftonbladet, VG, Aftenposten and Svenska Dagbladet – driven by strong advertising markets.
  • Aftenposten continued to develop positively in Q4 and achieved growth in its top and bottom lines. Both the paper and online versions’ results improved.
  • FINN’s revenues continued to increase, with progress shown in all markets.
  • VG’s weekend magazine, VG Helg, was well received by the market and both the paper and online versions achieved strong advertising revenues. VG’s circulation figures continued to fall during Q4.
  • Svenska Dagbladet’s advertising revenues and circulation figures increased. The average circulation figures per publication day in 2005 were the highest since 1997.
  • The online business newspaper was well received by both reader and advertising markets.
  • Aftonbladet increased its revenues in Q4 by 8% compared to Q4 2004. New investments and projects debited the accounts with increased costs.
  • The Group’s online activities developed strongly in Q4. Investments within online search and directory debited the online activities’ accounts with increased costs during Q4.
  •’s advertising sales were good in Q4 and traffic to this site has been high. is increasing its share of the directory market.
  • The online classified-ad website in Austria,, was launched in January 2006. (A 50% joint venture with Styria Medien.)
  • 20 Minutes’ revenue increased by 13% in Spain and 24% in France during Q4.
  • Good development in 2005 in the Baltic operations with revenue growth and profit improvement.
  • Metronome Film & Television achieved a high level of production and a 44% increase in revenue in Q4 compared to Q4 2004.
  • Sandrew Metronome’s Q4 and annual results were affected by changes in the distribution agreement with Warner Home Video.
  • Schibsted’s publishing operations reported record profits, with an operating margin of 21% in Q4 (19%).
  • The Board proposes distributing a dividend of NOK 4.25 (3.25) per share. Shares will be repurchased in the market over time in order to adjust the capital structure in line with the main financial target figures.
  • During 2005, the Group’s strategic direction has been evaluated and a new vision has been launched. Following the new vision, there have been changes to the organisational structure.
    Oslo, 9 February 2006  
    The full Interim Report for 4th Quarter 2005 including tables can be downloaded from the following link:
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