Schibsted acquires Retriever AB

Schibsted ASA (SCH) , Published 02/04/2004 15:23:40

Aftenposten AS and Schibsted Multimedia AS has today acquired 100% of the shares in the media intelligence company Retriever AB from KS Norsk Vekst II, Provisa AB and some of the founders of the company for SEK 47.5 mill. Aftenposten AS will own 51 % and Schibsted Multimedia will own the remaining 49 %.
The company is a leading supplier of digital media intelligence in the Nordic region. The client base consists of companies, authorities and organizations across a wide range of industries. In 2003 revenues reached SEK 21.0 million, and the operating profit was SEK 1.2 million. Operating profit for 2004 is expected to be in the range SEK 3 to 5 million. In addition, substantial synergies between Retriever AB, Aftenposten and other operations within Schibsted have been identified.
Contact person:
CEO Olav Mugaas, Aftenposten AS. Tel. + 47 91 13 95 70
Vice President Knut Falchenberg, Schibsted ASA. Tel. + 47 91 68 66 81

Oslo, 2 April 2004

Gisle Glück Evensen
Investor Relations