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Adjusted reporting structure , Published 15/04/2016 17:12:36

As announced 19 February 2016, Schibsted Media Group will adjust the reporting structure as of the report for Q1 2016.

The main change is that the previous Online classifieds segment now is split in three separate segments. Additionally, Schibsted will going forward report pro-forma figures for the Online classifieds operations including the proportional share of revenues and EBITDA from associates (including joint ventures). In the pro-forma figures for the Developed phase, a split of revenues and EBITDA for France, Norway, Sweden, Spain and International operations is given, as before. Also, the Investment phase operations are shown separately, as before.

In the attached PDF, quarterly figures from Q1 2014 to Q4 2015 are restated in order to reflect the new reporting format. Excel-format of the same tables and further details regarding the new reporting format can be downloaded here: www.schibsted.com/ir.

Contact persons:
Jo Christian Steigedal, VP Head of IR. Mobile: +47 415 08 733
Anders Rønning, IRO. Mobile: +47 916 05 660

Oslo, 15 April 2016

Jo Christian Steigedal
Head of IR


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