Schibsted teams up with Orange UMTS consortium for Sweden, Published 17/08/2000 10:08:00

Schibsted ASA has announced its ambition to take a leading role in the development of services to be delivered through the broadband networks that will be built in all Nordic countries over the next years.

In line with this ambition Schibsted will join the Orange/France Telecom UMTS consortium bidding for one of the 4 licenses to be awarded in Sweden. The parties will over the next months finalize the operational and financial aspects of the agreement.

Schibsted is pleased to participate in the Orange consortium, and believes that the combined experience and dedication of Orange, France Telecom and Bredbandsbolaget to building the new generation of mobile communications products and services, coupled with Schibsted’s leading position within the Swedish media market and experience in developing products for new media, make this consortium well positioned to succeed in this market.