Our sustainability strategy

Having a greater purpose to our daily job is critical for our people and the companies in Schibsted to thrive and develop. Schibsted’s strategy is to create purpose in everything we do – to make sure it matters.

Our journalism, marketplaces and financial services are important cornerstones for building a sustainable and democratic society. With great impact comes great responsibility and we strive to manage our environmental and societal impact in all our business decisions.

As we enter 2020, we leave behind a decade characterized by a growing awareness of sustainability, from a clearer understanding of the immense challenges that are threatening humanity to the exciting solutions we must seek to create a sustainable society for all. Gone are the days when companies only delivered results to their shareholders. Instead, we should seek to create purpose and long-term value for all stakeholders.

In the front seat of digitalization

Over the past 20 years the world has been digitized, a process in which Schibsted has been in the front seat and will continue to be. Now it is time to use this expertise to create sustainable solutions. At Schibsted we take pride in offering digital solutions for some of the most pressing issues in society, from independent journalism to second-hand consumption and online tools that allow users to make sound financial decisions. In the coming decade, sustainability will no longer be optional, it will be a prerequisite for developing our business and for remaining profitable.

To ensure an effective strategy that is suited to its purpose we have defined our sustainability aspects, our long-term ambitions for our performance as well as short-term targets. Going forward, our direction is based on our pyramid with sustainability aspects.

To reach our targets and achieve our ambitions for the coming years, we need to continue empowering our users and our employees to contribute to a sustainable society. The power and will of our employees to contribute to creating a sustainable society by maximizing our positive impacts and bringing sustainable innovations to the market will be crucial to our success. We will work tirelessly to deliver innovation that boosts independent and high-quality journalism, empowering people to make informed choices and enabling and promoting circular consumption.

Schibsted has initiated an internal program to boost implementation of sustainability throughout the organization. In 2020 and the years to come, 15 employees will be appointed as Sustainability Change Makers. The Change Makers will allocate 10 percent of their working hours each year to the program. During the program, the participants will complete a university course in sustainable business management, support implementation of the sustainability strategy, and act as internal hubs to entrench the sustainability perspective in our business operations.


Sustainability pyramid pdf