Our success depends on our diversity

We’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s actually better for business too.

Our success depends on employees from a wide array of cultures and backgrounds contributing their ideas and perspectives to provide our users and customers with the best possible solutions. Research has proven that diverse and inclusive workforces have higher productivity, retention and commitment. They also collaborate better – leading to more innovation.

To increase diversity, we’ve also made a strategic decision to support gender balance. Ensuring we create a level playing field for both women and men, we’ve launched a number of initiatives including unconscious bias and code of conduct trainings, a review of our external and internal recruitment policies, succession planning, and female networks and development programs.

At the top level our board is composed of 40 percent women, as required by the Norwegian Limited Liabilities Companies Act. Schibsted targets a 60:40 gender ratio in all leadership roles by 2020. We will have unconscious bias training, external and internal recruitment policies and succession planning benefitting gender equality. The CEO is responsible for driving the changes that will ensure an improved gender equality at Schibsted.

Schibsted has zero tolerance for harassment of any kind, as clearly stated in our Code of Conduct and in our Discrimination, bullying and harassment policy. This includes all forms of verbal, digital or physical harassment. To ensure a trustful environment where both women and men feel safe at work, Schibsted has launched a number of countermeasures such as unconscious bias training, code of conduct training and setting clear goals on improving gender equality for both the divisions and the group functions.