This is how it works

Kids Coding Camp is open to all kids between 9 -11 years old. This year our camp is all digital, it consists of two learning sessions during the spring term.

Please note that it is held in Swedish, with some Norwegian translations. It’s free of cost.

The registration is closed for now, but stay tuned; we will update the information regarding the next Kids Coding Camp in the fall.

Here is how it works: During two evening sessions the participants will take their first steps towards learning programming. Via a youtube stream, the children will be coding in Scratch together with experienced teachers from Kodcentrum. The sessions are open for beginners and for children with some knowledge of Scratch. The focus is to learn basic skills in coding. 

Before the training:

  • The children need access to a computer connected to the internet
  • The children are advised to create an account in Scratch beforehand
  • A link to the event is sent out via email a few days before

During the training

  • Experienced teachers from Kodcentrum are leading the sessions.
  • The classes are divided into different themes – in the first part, we focus on the game we are going to code. In the next part, we do the coding. The kids have direct contact with the leaders through a chat.

When working with Kids Coding Camp we are cooperating with Kodcentrum in Sweden and Lær Kidsa Koding in Norway – non profit- organizations offering free introduction to programming to children.

Learn why our Chief Data & Technology Officer, Sven Størmer Thaulow, believes it is important to learn technology at a young age