Learning and networking: From Bergen to Stavanger, Oslo, and Stockholm

My name is Mathias Sagevik and I study for a Master’s in Laws at the University of Bergen. I am a part of Schibsted Connect 2021*, a mutual mentorship program where students are connected with employees at Schibsted. Let me tell you about my key learnings and findings so far.

For the last few months, it feels like I’ve been on a journey far and wide in the Schibsted system. It’s been a journey where I’ve learned about the inherently practical nature of business, the inner workings of one of Scandinavia’s most exciting companies, and all while creating a network along the way.

Business is not theoretical
There are many things in business that are hard to get a grip on from a theoretical viewpoint. Or, at least it makes a lot more sense when you get the chance to discuss real-world cases and stories.

In the Schibsted Connect program, among other things, I’ve learned how to structure a business deal with Disney+ and Netflix from a Business Developer in Tv.nu. I’ve learned how to do better product development by using milestones and beta-testing from a Strategic Project Manager in Schibsted Next, using real-world examples. And I’ve learned about the customer journey from a Sales Manager in Stavanger Aftenblad. How to discover the customers’ needs, tailoring the solution, and making sure the customer increases its sales.

These things are inherently practical, and learning about them through stories and discussions with professionals in Schibsted has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The inner workings of an exciting company
Further, it’s been great to get insights into how a big and exciting company is organized. Schibsted consists of close to 50 companies in one ecosystem. How does all this fit together? How exactly can one person in one company reach out to another person in another company to do a project? How can one Schibsted company benefit from the competence and resources of another Schibsted company? How does one align the course of all the companies?

An especially exciting part of Schibsted is the Schibsted Next division, which invests in startups and scaleups. Kind of like a VC firm, but not entirely like it. How do they invest? How much do they invest? Do they participate with competence or only money? What type of companies do they invest in? How do they find companies to invest in?

Networking in an international company
While I’ve been on this learning journey, I’ve been able to network with professionals across the different Schibsted companies. A cool part of this journey has been that most of the people I’ve been talking to are based in Stockholm, Sweden, while I’m based in Bergen, Norway. The participants from Schibsted in the Connect program have been generous and welcoming and are always ready to take a meeting to discuss whatever questions I might have.

*Schibsted Connect is a mutual mentorship program where you will be connected with a Schibsted employee as your buddy. The idea is that, through meetings and activities, you will mutually share each other’s thoughts, ideas, and experiences. This is a win-win relationship. You get the chance to get inside Schibsted and build your professional network, and we have the opportunity to get your fresh eyes on things. 

Let’s connect and grow together! Click here to read more about Schibsted Connect.