We all have the power to make a change

28.11.2019 Helsinki, Britt Nilsen, Head of Sustainability, Schibsted Media Group

The latest UN climate report was an eye-opener. We no longer have time to wait and see; we need to act now. In Schibsted, we know that our services and operations have an important societal and environmental impact, and therefore we strive to consider and manage our impact in all our business decisions and, through our services, empower people to make sustainable choices. 

In the front seat of our amazing sustainability team is our Head of Sustainability, Britt Nilsen. We had a chat with her to learn more about how we at Schibsted are working with sustainability and get her best advice on how to become more sustainable in our everyday lives. 

What are we doing to empower our users and our employees to contribute to a sustainable society?

The great thing about Schibsted is that our most significant impact on society and the environment comes through the use of our services. It’s about how we empower users in their daily lives through quality journalism that secures democracy and ensures that we have societies based on truth, trust, and transparency. It’s about how our marketplaces facilitate second-hand trade and make our users environmental heroes, and it’s through our financial services and growth companies that empower our customers and users to make informed choices.

How do we make sure that we grow Schibsted as a business in a sustainable way going forward?

The way we are doing it is by integrating sustainability into our strategy. We don’t have a separate sustainability strategy in Schibsted. We have one strategy, and that needs to be sustainable. We have set out ambitious goals and targets that our Executive Management team is responsible for delivering on, and they are followed up in progress reviews. And of course, you can read all about this in our yearly sustainability report

Recently, PwC published that Schibsted is one of four listed companies in Norway (out of 100) that actually is reducing CO2e emissions according to the Paris Agreement. And this is one of the mentioned goals we have. 

What is your best advice to become more sustainable in our everyday life?

One of the biggest problems in the world today is increased consumption. The best way for us all to contribute is to change to a circular way of consuming. We need to stop buying new things and start buying and selling used things instead. And why not use our marketplaces for that?

Over the past 20 years the world has been digitized, a process in which Schibsted has been in the front seat and will continue to be. Now it is time to use this expertise to create sustainable solutions. If you would like to join us and contribute to making a change, take a look at our career page here.