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How we recruit

Even though each step can vary from role to role, these are the most common steps our candidates meet during a recruiting process. However, for the same role, the process will always look the same, to ensure that candidates applying for a specific role go through the same process and are assessed on the same grounds.

The process is as much for our candidates as they are for us, so you can expect to get to know us well along the way. And, since our recruiters have insight on openings across Schibsted, a missed opportunity in one area might be your way into other opportunities within the Schibsted universe.

Screen – a first call to meet & greet. This meeting is most of the time with one of our dedicated talent acquisition partners, who is working closely with a specific part of the business and their specific roles.  The aim is to understand the candidates journey and aspirations, to see if there is an initial match with the open role. It is also an opportunity to get to know the company and ask questions about the role and the further process.

1st Interview – This is a first deep dive into the role, and meet the hiring manager or a team member. As a candidate, this is where you will learn about how the team works, relevant challenges and opportunities. You will gain insight on culture and the day to day life. The first interview is also a good place to highlight what experience, approach and attitude you can bring to the role.

Test / Home assignment – For the home assignment, we are looking into skills connected to the role. This could be a relevant case, a coding task, or looking through your portfolio. The aim is to get a more hands on understanding of your approach and specific skills.

Final round of interviews – Here you will most likely be meeting other important people or functions that you will work close to. This is a talk where diving into topics and areas you will encounter at work is natural. It could also be diving deeper into the task or home assignment that you did to have a discussion and follow up on it, or diving deeper into for example leadership competencies and approach, if the role is as a leader.

How should you prepare for an interview?
Most interviews are conducted as a conversation, and our hope is that both parties learn something along the way. We do not believe in a high pressure environment for interviews, but encourage you to showcase your best self. The recruiter will brief you about the process and the people you will meet, so do your research in advanced. Come prepared knowing who you are talking to, and if there is an assigned topic, be prepared to give concrete examples of previous experiences and learnings. Also, make sure to think about any questions you might have – this is your time to get to know us!

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