Not-so-ordinary promotion paths? Yes, it’s all possible!

Schibsted is a big family of digital brands that can take you to an exciting path of promotions. Moreover, we have an example of it! Meet Daniel Cisek, Engineering Manager at Schibsted Tech Polska (STP), who has just taken on the newly created position of CTO at the Schibsted-owned company Kickback in Norway.

Schibsted Tech Polska (STP) is our biggest tech hub in Poland and has the mission to design and develop digital products across brands and units in Schibsted.

In summer 2017, STP launched cooperation with Kickback. Kickback is an international, technological company with a mission to assist consumers in making informed decisions during the online purchase process and are a part of the Schibsted group. Over the last five years of cooperation, despite several bumps along the road, the companies have maintained a perfectly tuned partnership that has continued to produce even better results, a lot thanks to the actions taken by Daniel Cisek. Daniel has had the position as Engineering Manager and his duties included, among others, partner relation development and constant project improvements that required him to present a particular skill set, take action, and test solutions to boost the project’s growth. 

Office vibes at Schibsted Tech Polska, of course with the Norwegian flag present. 

When Kickback announced its intention to create the new position of a Chief Technology Officer, with its vast scope of duties and high level of responsibility, Filip Szczucki, Site Manager at STP, did not hesitate to back Daniel’s candidacy:

“Daniel was a very good candidate for this role – perfectly familiar with IT solutions and used by Kickback and its working culture. The management  already knew Daniel as a respectable and trustworthy person, which may have helped him to be a strong candidate.”

A thorough and difficult recruitment process was completed, and Daniel was offered the position. As of July 2022, Daniel Cisek has taken the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer at Kickback. 

“Daniel is, first of all, a very strongly skilled developer. We are a small company, and we need a CTO to be hands-on and actually know how to code. Dan also has the right mindset for our company and the way we work. He fits very well into our agile start-up culture where we mix dedicated/highly committed work with a lot of humor, and where the focus is on getting stuff done,” says Lene Fredly Rousseau, Chief Executive Officer at Kickback.

Even though Daniel didn’t expect his career to take this sharp turn, Daniel did never hesitate to accept the offer and is optimistic about what is coming:

“My journey with Schibsted Tech Polska started almost five years ago, so I joined the team pretty much the same time as Kickback. And even though I would have never imagined it would turn out like this, I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity and very happy that my efforts have been appreciated,” adds Daniel Cisek, CTO at Kickback.