“In Schibsted you are accepted regardless whether you are an intern or senior employee”

Jacob Welander is a Data Scientist at Schibsted who started his journey as a summer intern. He studied Statistics and Machine Learning at Linköping University.

Hi Jacob 👋 Where in Schibsted did you do your internship?
I did my internship for Curate, the team that is responsible for the news recommendation system. During the internship, I worked together with the team in order to create a new personalization algorithm.

What was the best experience being an intern?
The mentorship and being able to work in a cross-functional team, where I could learn from both engineers and data scientists.

What did you learn from your internship period?
Applying the theory that I learned in my studies to solve real-world problems.

Where do you work today, and what is the difference between being an intern and a regular employee?
I’m still working at the Curate team as a Data Scientist. The largest difference of being a regular employee is that it often comes with more responsibility, where you help the team to reach its goals instead of working on a predefined task.