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Why Edtech matters

A man reading a book for two kids

Edtech stands for Educational Technology – using the power of digital tools to enhance the learning of students and adults. We expect Edtech to have a significant impact on society in the long run. At Schibsted we believe that techno- logy has the power to democratize learning for all people.

A New Space Age


After decades in the shade space is back on the agenda. Private entrepreneurs are pushing the limits of exploration, speaking about living on Mars and exporting our dirty work. And we tend to listen – filled with hope, existential fears and imagination. Investment Manager Dan Ouchterlony contributes to Schibsted Future Report

Poio makes learning into a game – an article from one of our Growth companies

Graphic illustration of Poio

Daniel Senn is the dad, the educationalist and technologist behind Poio the reading game that is helping thousands of Norwegian and Swedish kids to crack the reading code while playing. Poio is one of Schibsted Growth’s portfolio companies within Ed Tech. The company launched its first reading game in Norway

Schibsted Growth Dinner Club

Schibsted Growth dinner club

Schibsted Growth regularly arranges dinners where we invite inspiring entrepreneurs. At the last one, the theme of the evening was ”Marketing for startups”. Specially invited were also Lendo and Prisjakt who generously shared some of their learnings. Some topics that were enthusiastically discussed around the table were Do you want

Marketing Forum by Schibsted Growth

Marketing forum Schibsted growth

Schibsted Growth recently arranged the annual “Marketing Forum”; a day packed with insights, trends, and learnings. How can audio build your brand, insights from the world’s biggest study on native advertising, the perfect timing for pr, etc, was shared among our portfolio companies, publishers and market places within the Schibsted

Schibsted Growth + Sean Ellis = Growth Hacking

Sean Ellis

Growth hacker Sean Ellis has one clear advice to companies that want to grow: Test more! Experiment! And test again! Sean Ellis was the keynote speaker at the start-up conference The Shift in Oslo. But before that he had a full-day workshop with a number of Schibsted companies to teach