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Empowering people to be themselves

In a company with over 5,000 employees, we have a wide variety of people and each and everyone has a unique background, experience and knowledge in their suitcase. By making sure everyone feels included, proud and safe enough to be themselves at work, we ensure that we as a company continue to find new ways of thinking, learning and becoming better.

Pride stories

Celebrating pride in Schibsted!

No matter what pronouns you prefer or who you love, we want to be a company that cheers you on to be yourself. Therefore, we believe that celebrating Pride Month is a good way to promote awareness and inclusion in the company – we want no humans to be left behind. Do you want to learn more about how we are going to celebrate take a look here!


“By focusing on Pride and LGBTQ+ in Schibsted, we build knowledge, allyship and we aim to say, we SEE you. And we see beyond what our eyes see. We truly see you! And we love and embrace what we see. In our products and organization. ”

Sumeet Singh Patpatia

Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Schibsted.

How would you describe the culture in Schibsted?

Schibsted does not have one culture - and maybe just that is our culture. We are made up of various brand cultures, country cultures, corporate cultures, support function cultures, etc. But all of us share a very strong belief in democracy, freedom of speech, human rights, integrity, sustainability and ethical business codes. We are guided by fundamental values in what we do and how we do things.
Håkan Halvarsson SVP People and Culture

How important is it for our wellbeing that we are able to be ourselves at work?

I would say it is absolutely crucial to your own well-being. No one likes to have to hide or fake who they are. In addition, it is energy-intensive to try to be something/someone other than who you are. Being able to be the whole of yourself is part of being autenthic and plays a big part of your workplace wellbeing. Allowing yourself to be who you are creates automatic safety and belonging in the workplace. This is definitely useful fuel for your own well-being.
Celina Skjolde, Head of Wellbeing

How are we working in order to create an inclusive culture for everyone?

By embracing and respecting the visible and invisible differences we have, we want to create an environment of psychological safe zone where each employee feels empowered to achieve their best and where everyone feels included.
We want to facilitate and equip our leaders and employees with the necessary tools to navigate through all the differences. At the center of this will be experiences, as we believe that is where real change happens.
Surbhi Sharma, Global Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Business Partner

How we celebrate pride!