Published 2022-07-01

Getting the youth ready for the digital future


After 54 hours of code, the 7th edition of the Schibsted Coding Camp is over. Once a year, Schibsted arranges a coding camp for our employees’ children who want to learn more about coding and programming.

The reason why we arrange Kids Coding Camp is quite simple – because the future is here and digitalization is a given. If you don’t know the language of tomorrow, you will not be able to change nor make an impact on your digital environment. The ones who learn the language of tomorrow will be able to make improvements, both for themselves and others. That is why it is important for kids to learn the basics of coding. 

This time we invited employees’ kids to our offices in Stockholm, Norway, and Krakow. The purpose was to inspire and teach them about tech and coding – and the response has been fantastic from both the kids, parents and our employees. For three days, the kids have learned how to code their own computer games, with help from our fantastic coding teachers. Apart from coding, the kids visited some of our companies, played games, danced, and ate a lot of popcorn and candy. The camp ended with an exhibition for the parents and the kids proudly presented what they had made.

We can now count the total number of educated kids through Kids Coding Camp to 1367 children, and many of the kids have actually participated in several coding camps. Let’s hear some of them out:

“I didn’t like coding that much before I participated in Kids Coding Camp, but now I love it! I like to code together with friends and to get help from teachers who are experts in coding.” – Smilla, age 12, participant in Sweden. 

“Kids Coding Camp is great! Although I know that this entire program is designed for us to join Schibsted.” Taras, age 10, participant in Poland.

“My best memory from Kids Coding Camp will be everything and everyone.” – Leah, age 8, participant in Norway.

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