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Kids Coding Camp

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Teaching kids the language of tomorrow

We want to give more children and youth the opportunity to learn code and programming. That is why we arrange Kids Coding Camp. The camp is open to children between 9 – 12 years old and is held in Swedish twice a year. 

This is how it works

During two evening sessions the participants will take their first steps towards learning programming. Via a youtube stream, the children will be coding in Scratch together with experienced teachers from Kodcentrum.

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This is Kids Coding Camp

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The importance of learning technology at a young age

We are moving towards an increasingly digital future. But how should children get the knowledge they need? Learn why our Chief Data & Technology Officer, Sven Størmer Thaulow, believes it is important to get children curious about coding.

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“It's about taking greater responsibility in children’s understanding of technology”

– Sofia Friberg, Project lead

Pictures from our camps