Published 2022-05-20

Meet the Hackday winners: “AARGH!#$11” & “The Sustainable Shopper”

We are so excited that we could connect the product, tech and UX family in Schibsted across five different countries for three magical festival days last week.

During the PTX festival we have one full day of inspiration injection from both internal and external speakers, and then we get into nerd mode and work on dream projects, solve specific problems and come up with many new ideas in our legendary Hackday!

There are hundreds of Hackdayians, all with brilliant ideas and creative minds, unique talents and skills. And, we take a lot of pride in forming teams and collaborations across Schibsted. This time we had over 60 teams participating in what is actually the 28th edition of Hackday! The festival ends with an entertaining demo session, where the hacks and products are presented – and we are all blown away by the amazing projects. The audience get to cast their votes on their favourite hacks in these categories:

– Most useful hack
– Most creative hack
– Most entertaining presentation

All teams are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, be fearless, and unleash their creativity. Let’s meet two of the teams that certainly managed to do so!

Team “The Sustainable Shopper” with Jesper Lund, Vincente Klehr, Christina Lock Fuglsang, Martin Plok Svenningsen

Congratulations on winning the most useful hack! Can you tell us briefly what your idea “The Sustainable Shopper” is all about?
Our idea for The Sustainable Shopper is to show people second-hand options when shopping online: helping them make a more sustainable choice, save them money and generate more traffic towards our Nordic marketplaces.

Can we expect the hack to be realised in the near future?-
Time will tell. We have a lot of exciting stuff going on in Schibsted and (our Danish marketplace) right now, but this concept fits well in line with our strategic plans and ideas for the future.

What can we expect from your team next time?
All the positive feedback we received for this project has sparked fires and generated new ideas for the next Schibsted PTX festival. We won’t reveal much now, but we’ll see you there!

What did you think of the PTX festival?
The Schibsted PTX festival has been great! It’s a great way to get inspired and creative in ways that might be outside of your daily work life and plans. Being in a company of 1400 tech people across five different countries, it’s a nice way to meet new colleagues and network.

What is the best thing about Hackday?
In our post-covid world, getting together physically, networking, being creative, and having fun is the best thing about Hackday. We’ll be there again next time, for sure!

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Well, that was the team who had the most useful hack! Let’s move on to the next team, who managed to win not only one but two prizes for being creative and entertaining, meet AARGH!#$11! 

Team “AARGH!#$11” with Erik Fryklund, Henrik Engström and Karthik Narla

Congratulations on winning both the most creative hack and the most entertaining presentation, wow! Tell us, what is the “AARGH!#$11” project all about?
Because we did not get the money needed to build our own space shuttle, we had to come up with a new plan for Hackday. That did not go our way. We tried to get inspiration by sharing high res videos of cats from our computer to the conference screen. It was so laggy! So we decided to fix the screen sharing. We figured that we could build our own screen-sharing service with high-resolution quality without lag and latency issues.

Can we expect the hack to be realised in the near future?
We’ve started discussions with the video conference team to see if and how the hack could fit into the technical landscape that exists. Most likely, there are more challenges that have to be solved, but we hope to find some time during the summer to continue fiddling.

What can we expect from your team next time?
We had a really great and expensive idea that required a bit more budget than we managed to find two weeks before Hackday. Hopefully, we can manage to get the funds till next time!

What did you think of the PTX festival?
It’s so important with events that encourage team building. We are thankful that Schibsted invests in events like these!

What is the best thing about Hackday?
Hackday – is definitely the best thing since sliced bread!

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