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Get the right sensors

The life expectancy of large corporations is falling. And Schibsted’s Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Sumeet Singh Patpatia, things he knows why. Let’s take a look at some numbers: 52% of the 500 largest companies in the USA (included in the S&P 500 index) disappeared from 1955 to 2016.

The Sustainability Report 2021 is here

We’re happy to announce that Schibsted’s Sustainability Report 2021 is finally here! It’s a big part of our vision to uphold a society built on trust and transparency – defining qualities of a society where people can thrive and be happy on a healthy planet. The report is our way

Ukrainian job seekers: we need your competence!

We want to help Ukrainian refugees who have been forced to flee their country. The war in Ukraine has displaced millions of innocent civilians and horrified the world, leaving opportunities for work and development in ruins.  We have numerous job vacancies in our family of brands and have tailored a

Schibsted is proud to deliver an optimal environment for hybrid workers

Welcome HOMEsted! We all want flexibility in the workplace, with hybrid solutions that enable us to get the job done (and enjoy doing it!) wherever we may be. However, as we all know, in the pandemic exodus from the office too many of us ended up with makeshift solutions (kitchen

Schibsted invests in the Norwegian healthtech company Maja

Maja, a company offering a digital network of licensed doctors to women, has rapidly established itself as one of the largest digital clinics on the Norwegian market. Schibsted Ventures now joins the company and investment manager Kajsa Gatenbeck becomes a member of the board. Maja was launched in 2020 and