Schibsted truly recognises the importance of product management

The product managers at Schibsted set the bar high, benchmark themselves against the best in the world, and are never done learning new things. And they most certainly inspire and support each other.

«A decade ago product wasn’t very well-understood and only a few teams were empowered to own business results and their roadmap. Schibsted has come a long way in this area, seeing the fantastic work being done in product teams across the company.», says David Gill, Chief Product officer at Schibsted Marketplaces Finland. 

He describes the product culture at Schibsted as both ambitious and curious. «When I meet product managers across the company they inspire me with the high bar they set for themselves. They compare themselves with the best product managers and teams in the world.»

«The difficulty of both identifying the right problem to solve, and solving it in an excellent way, is a great way to grow.»

Great responsibility, great rewards
In his role as CPO in Schibsted Marketplaces Finland, David has varied working days where he meets teams across Schibsted. The teams are responsible for loved marketplaces, and all the work associated with these. The fact that the company puts such high trust in the product development teams is important, he thinks. «Schibsted has strong leadership principles that favor employee autonomy and entrepreneurship, generous learning and development budgets, and an ambitious growth framework.»

Allowing teams to work across brands – and across countries – at Schibsted, gives the company an advantage, says the Finnish CPO. «Each brand tends to be a mix of local brand-specific technology and UX, combined with shared solutions. This is great because it allows both brands to be fast and experimental, while creating a strong need to share both learnings and tech with colleagues in other parts of Schibsted.»

Having worked at Schibsted his entire career, David Gill can’t recommend the company enough to potential candidates. «I’ve had 10+ job roles, lived in 5 countries and I am continuously being given the trust and support to grow with the company. We are a company with a rich history with a disruptive eye to the future, full of humble, smart and nice people. If that sounds like you, I cannot think of any reason not to come work with us.»

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