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Business Continuity

Business continuity management assures the resilience of Schibsted’s critical processes, functions, services, and products in the event of disruptions that may significantly impact Schibsted’s ability to deliver its key services and products to customers and other stakeholders. 

Potential threats and impacts to the business are identified and, whenever possible, mitigated before they occur. Continuity plans shall be in place to ensure the appropriate response to and recover, according to business, legal and regulatory demands, from events that disrupt the continuity of the business. 

Business continuity management shall be incorporated in Schibsted’s product life cycle and infrastructure lifecycle processes to ensure further resilience

Continuity and disaster recovery (CADR) ensures that our business processes can continue even if there is a disruption in the IT delivery and help recover from a disastrous situation. 

There are developed and tested processes, frameworks, and plans for continuity and disaster recovery at Schibsted that can be used by various brands of Schibsted to ensure that the most business-critical processes are covered in order to mitigate and suppress the impact of an incident, a crisis or a disaster. 

The CADR framework is designed to help brands establish their own business continuity and disaster recovery process. 

The objective of the tests is to ensure that: 

  • identification and alarming of a disruption scenario, 
  • identified continuity procedure work according to plan, documented procedures and access rights which are accessible, 
  • affected personnel and their replacement can perform appointed activities, 
  • defined timeframes and measures are met.