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Empowering women in the tech industry

Technology plays a key role in our daily lives, and should be built by men and women together. Promoting a diverse tech industry is a question close to our hearts at Schibsted and we want to encourage more women to seek a career within tech. 

Shetech is a community where everyone is invited to meet, to learn and to discuss –  all while together shaping the future of tech.

-We need visible role models in order for more women to choose a career in tech

Anna Cobdal, our Director CIO Office & Business Services in E-tech believes that it is important for Schibsted to have a community like Shetech in order to improve diversity, achieve better results and develop better products.

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Endless opportunities for women within the tech field

On a – for some – daunting path, Schibsted paves the way forward for women within tech. The opportunities are endless for those who simply follow Engineering Manager Réka Gazda’s advice “don't limit your ambitions”.

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Meet some Shetechers

Hang, Android Developer

"We have an open-minded community, but it does not mean that we can rest on our laurels. Improving gender balance in technical roles is one thing I hope we will be able to achieve"

Marta, Infrastructure developer

"There is a lot of solidarity between women while trying to thrive in a field still dominated by men. It is also important that men step up and actively make tech a better place for everyone"

Weronika, Engineering Manager

"Having an open-mind attitude is a priority in our company. Creating an environment of people with different backgrounds is key, and gender is one of many factors"

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Come and meet us!

13 May

Women in Tech conference

Conference in Stockholm

Women In Tech want to inspire and enlighten women in the industry, to stay within the field, by providing the network and experience of successful, interesting and pioneering people from the wonderful world of technology. As a proud partner we are hoping to meet you there!

Meet Ida Kristine, Senior Product Manager- Schibsted Account

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Time to close the gender gap in tech

Tune in to this podcast episode and listen to Schibsteds experts discuss this important topic on how we can close the gender gap in tech

“I believe that most people get extra motivated by an important purpose. And of course, it goes without saying that the biggest motivation is having your creations used by actual, real users!”

– Veronica Giden, Developer

Schibsted Talks - our podcast

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