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Introducing the Schibsted FAST Framework

FAST is a new Schibsted-wide framework for risk analysis in AI. The framework provides a common basis for approaching risks in the areas of Fairness, Accountability, Sustainability and Transparency, and it is currently being piloted across our group. Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential for a group like Schibsted. But

Schibsted steps up research-based innovation in AI

Located at NTNU in Trondheim, the new research center NorwAI aims at being the AI national power hub Today marks the kickoff for Norway’s most prominent centre for research-based innovation within Artificial Intelligence (AI). Located at NTNU in Trondheim, the new research center NorwAI aims at being the national power

Philosophy student at Cambridge shares highlights from internship at Schibsted

Sidsel Størmer is doing an internship on AI and ethics and talks about the freedom, trust and what it is like to work here. Sidsel Størmer, a philosophy finalist from Newnham College at Cambridge University, is doing an internship at Schibsted. She is working on AI and ethics, and talks

Empowering consumers

Prisjakt helps consumers across seven countries to make more informed purchasing decisions. The team behind Prisjakt is dedicated to transparency, and now machine learning is helping them scale it. Prisjakt is a price- and product comparison site with the goal to guide consumers into making smarter purchasing decisions. The company

Minimizing the environmental impact

Distribution Innovation wants to use new technologies in ways that make sense for both people and the planet. With the help of AI they are working to minimize their environmental emissions, but they are convinced that humans still make the best detectives. Distribution Innovation (DI) is part of the Schibsted

Identifying biases in the news

The Schibsted newspaper Bergens Tidende is an insight-driven news organization. Their audience engagement team is using computer vision to give female readers more relevant content. From their experience, pairing high- and low-tech solutions is key to success. The small and agile audience engagement team based on Norway’s southwestern coast delivers