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We compete fairly

Antitrust regulations are in place to protect and enhance fair competition in the market.
We follow the antitrust rules that are intended to promote economic welfare and ensure efficient allocation of resources across the market.

Antitrust rules are designed to target anti-competitive agreements and concerted practices between companies, unilateral abuse of market power by dominant companies, as well as anticompetitive mergers and acquisitions.

What is Schibsted’s responsibility?

We have principles and guidelines in place to safeguard fair competition.
We expect our employees to be committed to reducing the risk of antitrust violations and sanctions.

What is expected of me?

  • Exercise great caution when dealing with actual or potential competitors in any setting. We don’t exchange sensitive information, either directly, through associations, or via any other third party.
  • Safeguard that all commercial agreements we enter are within the boundaries of applicable antitrust rules.
  • Use caution when entering into supplier or customer agreements, when cooperating with direct or potential competitors, and when acting in markets where our position is strong (typically 35-40% market share or higher), as well as in M&A opportunities or joint ventures.
  • Use caution when operating in areas where there may be additional restrictions related to competition.
  • Raise concerns if uncertain about how the principles and ground rules may affect activities in Schibsted. This topic is complex, so do not hesitate to reach out for advice.
 Did you know?
The highest fines issued by Norwegian and European authorities are related to antitrust breaches. Fines in the range of 10-50 million Euros are commonly used.

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