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Schibsted has bought 10.1 % of Viaplay Group

Schibsted is now a minority owner of Viaplay Group, a leading Nordic entertainment platform which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. In a disclosure to Oslo Stock Exchange on September 13, 2023, Schibsted informs that it now owns a minority stake of 10.1 % in Viaplay. Viaplay Group is a Nordic

Schibsted collaborates with EsterCare for greater equality at work

Every year, women (or, more precisely, biologically females) are forced to take sick leave because of visible or invisible health problems. This is a problem, both on an individual and on a corporate level, directly connected to gender equality at work. Therefore, Schibsted is now partnering up with the digital

Øyulf Hjertenes appointed as COO of Schibsted News Media

  Schibsted Coast Director and former Editor-in-Chief of Bergens Tidende, Øyulf Hjertenes (44), is taking on new responsibilities within Schibsted’s news division. “I am incredibly pleased that Øyulf accepted this newly created position. Few have been with Schibsted as long as he has, so he knows the organization better than

How Schibsted’s software engineers use AI to boost their productivity

Hundreds of software engineers in Schibsted now use Artificial Intelligence to help them write code. “My productivity has grown at least 15 %,” estimates Pedro Goncalves.  Good software engineering requires lots of creativity as well as superb skills in solving problems. But the daily work is also full of tedious

Schibsted Ventures invests in Gire Mobility

An investment into the rapidly changing car industry. At the same time Norwegian Møller and Danish Semler, increase their share in Gire, who is experiencing an increased demand in the transportation of cars. Gire is a B2B marketplace for flexible on-demand car transportation, solving the needs of a fast-changing car

Schibsted’s results second quarter 2023

Today, Schibsted released its Q2 2023 results. Financials and Analytical Info Q2 2023 Interim Report Q2 2023 Q2 2023 Results Presentation Webcast Link Solid performance in challenging markets “Against a backdrop of the current macroeconomic environment, Schibsted delivered a solid quarter with an underlying¹ revenue growth of 2 per cent,

Invitation to the virtual presentation of Schibsted’s Q2 2023 results

Schibsted will release its Q2 2023 results on 18 July 2023. It will not be possible to physically attend the presentation. Programme for the day, 18 July 2023: 07:00 CET Publication of the Q2 results including interim report, presentation and financials and analytical information. 09:00 CET CEO Kristin Skogen Lund

Schibsted acquires

Schibsted increases its investment in the technology company from 25 to 90 percent. “We see significant growth potential in influencer marketing,” says Per Håkon Fasting, SVP Advertising at Schibsted. Through its existing ownership stake, Schibsted has witnessed the impressive growth and product development achieved by the company in recent

Schibsted joins the Euronext Tech Leaders

A great recognition of our strong and unique position in the Nordics We’re happy to announce our inclusion in the Euronext Tech Leaders segment which is composed of 120+ high-growth and leading companies. “We are proud to join this group of leading European growth companies. This is a great recognition

BT’s development editor takes on AI role at Schibsted News Media

Eivind Hjertholm Fiskerud, Bergens Tidende’s long term development editor, will contribute to advancing the work on artificial intelligence (AI) in Schibsted’s Norwegian and Swedish media houses. In recent months, alongside his role as development editor, Fiskerud has been central to a project across Schibsted’s news division, which has examined, among

Seven AI hacks that could improve Aftonbladet

A fact checker that tells you what is true and not in tv-debates, an AI-generated podcast featuring the most popular articles and the Aftonbladet AI chatbot. These are only three out of seven ideas from an AI hackathon arranged by Aftonbladet. “It was amazing to see how many innovative ideas

Schibsted’s key role in developing a Norwegian language model

This summer the first version of a generative language model in Norwegian will be ready. Schibsted has been heavily involved in making it happen. ChatGPT has been the big buzzword during the last months, especially with its ability to generate natural human-like language – even in Scandinavian languages. ChatGPT is